We're Soft on Surfaces But Tough on Dirt

We're Soft on Surfaces But Tough on Dirt

Schedule our home soft washing service in Yakima, WA or nearby

Power washing is great for hard surfaces like concrete, but not so great for homes. Home soft washing by Northwest Power Wash LLC keeps your house clean without damaging sensitive surfaces.

Once you call our team, we'll come to your Yakima, WA area home on a convenient date. After we arrive, we'll provide roof soft washing to clean dirt and organic matter while protecting the integrity of your roof. We'll also soft wash your siding and doors to completely remove algae, dirt, and mold. You'll get a cleaner home without having to do it yourself.

Reserve your siding, door, or roof soft washing service today by calling 509-406-4310.

The benefits of soft washing

We choose soft washing over power washing due to its range of benefits. Home soft washing:

  • Extends the life of your roof
  • Removes all algae, mold and other organic matter from your surfaces
  • Maintains the integrity of your home features
We're properly licensed, bonded and insured for the greatest amount of protection and quality. Reach out today to secure your soft washing service.